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Awakenings Testimonials

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QHHT/Past Life Regression
Sheri Saunders

"Sheri is extremely welcoming and provides an atmosphere of calm and serenity.  She is a wonderful listener.  My experience throughout my session revealed much about my past lives. The specific past lives shown resonated with me on many levels with my current life experience. It was quite remarkable and gave me so much clarity. I am grateful to have experienced QHHT with Sheri and for me it will not be one time.  I want to experience more.   Thanks Sheri."

Joanne, April 2024

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Heal with Heather
Heather Crowe

"I had a very positive experience with Heather.

She was able to read me very well. I was impressed with how quickly she was able to get to the root of what I am struggling with and immediately able to give me some comfort and relief by confirming my feelings and giving me solid solutions of things I should be doing for my own personal well being. 

Thanks so much for exceeding my expectations and for the guidance and items to work on for the future. A great experience. Highly recommend".

Ryan, April 2024

"This is a testimonial for my Healing Session w/Heather which I very much enjoyed today.  Just sitting in her presence was a privilege in itself.  I have a deep appreciation for the work she is doing, and for her honesty and dedication to that purpose. 

I came away feeling lighter because I acquired clarity in areas of my life which I could modify, alter, release and also embrace.  I am looking forward to adopting a significantly new way of looking at my life and at life itself. 

I am looking forward to experiencing my first Light Language Meditation this month"...

Mary Stearns, June 2024

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