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Awakenings Event Space - 1900sf

Step into a realm of transcendence and serenity, where the essence of spiritual awakening permeates every corner - welcome to the event space at Awakenings Sarnia Spiritual Healing Center. Nestled amidst the tranquil embrace of nature, our sanctuary offers more than just a venue; it's a sacred haven for gatherings that nourish the soul and inspire transformation.

Feel the earth beneath your feet, grounding you in the present moment as you step into our enchanting event space. Here, amidst the harmonious convergence of nature's beauty and spiritual energy, you'll find the perfect canvas for your transformative gatherings.

Embrace the serenity of our space as you embark on a journey of inner exploration and healing. Whether you're hosting a meditation retreat, a yoga workshop, or a spiritual gathering, our versatile event space is designed to accommodate your vision with grace and elegance. With its serene ambiance and harmonious energy, our venue serves as a catalyst for profound experiences and deep connections.

Discover the power of intention and manifestation as you gather in our sacred space. From intimate circles to larger gatherings, Awakenings offers a sanctuary where hearts open, minds expand, and spirits soar. Let the tranquil atmosphere and nurturing surroundings inspire moments of awakening and enlightenment, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of self and the universe.

Experience the transformative magic of our event space at Awakenings Spiritual Healing Center. With its timeless beauty and sacred energy, it's more than just a venue - it's a gateway to profound healing and spiritual growth. Come, awaken your senses and ignite your soul in the embrace of our sacred sanctuary.

Space Rental


Events large and small we've got you covered!

Cost -  (select the booking form button to guaranty your spot)

  • $500 per day (up to 8 hours), includes chairs and 3 rectangular tables

  • $250 for 4 hours, includes chairs and 3 rectangular tables

  • $125 for 2 hours, includes chairs and 3 rectangular tables

  • 1/2 deposit will be required, this will be invoiced after review and confirmation


Available Upon Request for an Additional Cost

  • Round Tables c/w linens ($12 per table, 8 person table)

  • Yoga/meditation  supplies ( mats, premium bolsters and meditation cushions, head rests, blocks, straps, eye masks) ($50)

  • Bluetooth Projector and Screen ($25)

  • Photography Or Videography (price varies depending on the needs)


  • Safe & secure North End Location

  • Large Free Parking Lot

  • Acoustic Ceiling and Stage

  • Dimmable lights to create your unique atmosphere

  • Max 184 people (Max 40 people if using yoga mats)

  • Separate area for food distribution

  • Men’s and Women’s Bathrooms


  • Front Desk Person for duration of rental period

  • Bluetooth Speaker System

  • Wireless Microphones & Wireless Headset for Speakers

  • Our list of preferred decorators and caterers

  • Use of small kitchen area.

  • Set up, take down of tables and chairs and cleaning of the space

  • Event notice on Awakenings website

Awakenings Event Space


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