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Facilitator: Alysha Allen

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner peace with our transformative mindfulness workshops at the heart of Awakenings. Delve into the realms of spirituality or mental health and mindfulness as you choose your path to holistic well-being. Dive deep into spiritual topics that resonate with your soul or explore the power of mindfulness for mental clarity and emotional balance. Led by experienced guides, these workshops offer a safe and nurturing space for growth and exploration.

After enriching your mind and spirit, continue your journey with meditation, reflection practices and optional yoga/sound bath sessions designed to ground your newfound wisdom into your body and soul. Whether you seek spiritual enlightenment, mental resilience, or simply a moment of tranquility, our workshops and practices are here to support you every step of the way. Embrace the opportunity to nurture your holistic health and awaken your true potential.



A keynote teaching on the topic of your choice will address the multi-faceted approach to healing, as well as exploring preventative practices to maintain well-being. Meditation is included in all workshops... yoga and sound bath is optional ( all props are provided). Don’t see a topic of interest? We can create what you need.

You have the option of a half day workshop with a healthy snack midway ( 1 topic choice), or a full day workshop with a nutritional lunch break included (2-3 topic choices). The max number of participants is 40. See website for pricing and more detailed info. (We can accommodate your budget if need be).All experiences are customizable to meet the needs of the participants.





Chronic Stress - Through interactive teaching and reflection, learn how to reframe stress and overwhelm to be a catalyst to presence in your life and work. 


Self-Compassion - A practical guide to bringing genuine care and kindness to yourself, in order to offer soothing to your struggles and challenges of being human in this modern world. 


Emotional Regulation - In order to create, lead, and connect, we must be internally regulated and centred. This is an experiential offering to support you in cultivating internal safety and nervous system health. 


Cultivating Gratitude - We will always find what we look for. This session provides you with resources, practices, and reflections in finding the good and the beautiful, even in the most ordinary of moments. 


Healing Through Forgiveness - This session provides reflective resources and practices on how to support the journey of forgiveness so you can live lighter in body, mind, and heart. 


Conscious Communication - The entire human experience is a relationship - with self, others, and the world around. This session is designed to be interactive and grow your confidence in how to connect and lead from the heart and cultivate the synergy of interdependent relating. 


Our unique workshops are designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools to empower you to cultivate your own mental and physical well-being in a supportive and compassionate environment. They are beneficial in reducing stress, increasing focus and productivity, improving emotional intelligence, enhancing creativity, fostering clear decision making, promoting a positive work culture and reducing staff turnover. Curated content and resources are provided post workshop for continued support. All participants will receive 15% off an individual service or class at Awakenings if booked within 30 days of attending a workshop.

Contact us for a unique experience that will contribute to a healthier, more productive and more harmonious work environment!


Half Day (3 hours)      $ 1500 ( Up to 40 participants)

Full Day (7 hours)       $ 3000 ( Up to 40 participants)


In our Kids Connection Program we will help children explore and develop their spirituality, fostering values such as kindness, forgiveness, empathy, gratitude and self awareness in a fun and engaging way. We aim to strengthen their social, emotional and mental well-being, helping

them to maintain a sense of balance and resilience while connecting them to nature and their inner self.



Ignite the journey to holistic well-being for your teens with our transformative Teen Mental Health Program at Awakenings. This program is offered as a day retreat/field trip through the schools for teens to get their feet wet and as an expanded 6 week deep dive evening program. In this empowering program, we blend the wisdom of spiritual practices with modern mental health approaches, offering a nurturing space for teenagers to explore, grow, and thrive. Through a combination of interactive workshops, guided meditations and expressive activities, our program encourages teens to tap into their inner strength, cultivate a positive mindset, and embrace their unique journey. The spiritual foundation provides a supportive backdrop, allowing participants to explore the profound connection between mind, body, and spirit. This program is for ages 13-21.

Read our Brochure!

Field Trip ( 3 hours) - Call and ask us about the Field Trip Option


6 week Program: COMING SOON

Cost:  $175

Facilitator:  Heather Crowe

Stack of hands


Week 1: Cultivating Self-Awareness & Mindfulness 

In order to create any shifts or transformations, we must begin where we are. This means we have to cultivate an understanding and embodiment of presence. We will explore the basics of mindfulness and practical strategies for being more awake and aware.  

Week 2:  Understanding Self-Compassion 

When we meet ourselves where we are on our journeys, it requires an immense amount of compassion and curiosity. We will explore the basic model and principles of self-compassion and discuss the barriers to implementing it in everyday situations. 

Week 3: Emotional Regulation & Stress Management 

For real change to occur, there must be an internal sense of safety and regulation. We will explore the impacts of stress and how to support oneself in returning to a place of calm clarity. 

Week 4: Relational Connections I

Part-one on the importance of community and the essential skills in bringing more authenticity to your relationships. We were never meant to do this human experience alone and we will explore how to enrich relational skills for deep, more meaningful connections. 

Week 5: Relational Connections II 

Part-two on the importance of community and the essential skills in bringing more authenticity to your relationships. We were never meant to do this human experience alone and we will explore how to enrich relational skills for deep, more meaningful connections. 

Week 6: Restoring Wholeness

A review of the previous weeks and exploring the interconnectedness of all the skills and practices. Growing in our awareness of the complexity in being human and why it's essential to come together and walk each other back home to ourselves. 

Fists in Solidarity
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