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Heather Crowe

Spiritual Guide & Healer

Heather is a Multidimensional Channel, Spiritual Guide & Healer who has dedicated the past 15 years of her life to educating and supporting individuals and families in healing and transforming their health, their relationships and their lives through a diverse range of modalities such as; holistic nutrition, personal training, transformational coaching, and energy healing. 


In March of 2020 , after consciously navigating her way through a 10+ year journey of personal hardship utillizing a diverse range of holisitic and spiritual modalities that included the Akashic Records, Heather spontaneously started to speak light language. In the month that followed, she was guided to start reading the Akashic Records for others seeking an alternative way to support their health and well-being during a time a chaos, challenge and change in their life, just as she had, together with the energy transmissions of Light via spoken, signed and written expression.


Heather values authentic relationships, personal empowerment as well as health & well-being and “knows” that the key to experiencing each of these lies within the quality of relationship that we have with our Self. The Akashic Records are a spiritual tool that, in her personal opinion, provide the greatest opportunity to develop an empowered relationship with Self through a deeper, more expansive understanding of who we really are, what we are truly capable of and life itself.


Today Heather utilizes the Akashic Records and Light Language transmissions to help her clients heal and evolve through self-realization which both enables them to rise above their current condition and/or circumstance and inspires them to live a fulfilling life through BEing an embodiment of Love. 


Heather would be honoured to walk alongside you on your journey to health, happiness and holism and encourages you to give yourself permission to “listen” to and act on the guidance of your own soul. You can trust, YOU’RE WORTH IT!!!

Heather Crowe
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