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Leila Shearon - Owner


Meet Leila, a dedicated and compassionate soul on a profound healing journey that has transformed into a life's mission to bring peace, balance and spiritual well-being to the community. As the founder and owner of Awakenings, Leila is a beacon of light and a Reiki Master with a deep committment to healing, growth and connection.

Born out of a personal healing odyssey that has spanned many years, Leila emerged from the depths of childhood trauma with a renewed sense of purpose and a passion for holistic well-being. This transformative journey ignited a flame within Leila, leading to the creation of a sanctuary where others could find solace, support and healing.

Driven by the desire to share knowledge and foster a sense of community, Leila created Awakenings with a heart full of empathy and a dedication to offering workshops, classes, events and services that empower individuals to embark on their own healing journeys in a supportive, communal environment.

Leila extends a hand to the community, inviting all to join in the journey of healing, growth and spiritual connection.

Leila Shearon - Owner
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